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Costumes for a real man

To be real men -today its not easy. We need to create your own style, but remains within the business format. You need to be visible, but remain cautious. You have to be at the center of events, but reserves the right to confidentiality of personal zhizni.Segodnya no longer enough to wear sumptuous costumes from famous brands. Even the most expensive clothes mass production can not keep up a kaleidoscope of your days. Just sewed costume creates individuality, allows you to experience the comfort and demonstrates impeccable taste of its owner. This costume makes independent of convulsive pulse of fashion, style forms and returns to the man's ability not to run for the time, and manage it.


Technology Basis of luxury men's suit is simple. This crinoline horsehair - special technological acceptance of our work. This technique sensitive fingers seamstresses create individual silhouette. It is so embodied not only luxurious appearance, but also the feeling of comfort, which can give a suit. Fabrics GOLETS Atelier offers more than five hundred names of fabrics. It's the world's best manufacturers - Loro Pian, Cerrutti, Zegna, Luidgi Botto, Piacenza. Their highest score in the world is caused by elite sorts of Australian wool and special production technology. The range of studio have amazing and rare specimens. For example, to coat offers a 100% superfine cashmere or ABA. A collection of amazing variety of tissues costume-smooth cashmere, tweed, tartan. Also you will find in our wool Super 140, 160 and even 180. These fabrics have minimal crease and practically eternal.


Hand made or made-to-measure (literally - made with hands) - this expression came in today from the days when it was possible to sew a thing only in private men's atelier. Since then tailoring a suit has become a symbol of luxury, elegance and impeccable taste. Made suit - perfect for any man. Correct cut always hides figure flaws and emphasizes its dignity. Moreover, the main task of the masters, making a costume - emphasize individuality. That is why handmade costume - a real work of art and something to be proud of its owner.


In the studio GOLETS you serve unique master - Italian Ottorino Redzhinato. This cutter with a worldwide reputation, which advises the segment & laquo; hand made & raquo; Brands ARMANI, BRIONI, CORNELIANI.


When an individual custom-made suits, meeting with the master - the most important step. After the removal of measures, wizard creates for you in the name patterns to be stored in the archives of the studio and can be adjusted depending on the form of clothing and season. Also a deep understanding of your style it will provide time savings when ordering next costume - you need only call!


In addition to the classic suit, blazer and a strict business coat cashmere or angora, we present His Majesty tuxedo. Tuxedo - truly British invention, which perfectly caught worldwide. Impossible to put into words what a special mood, which gives a tuxedo and even more impossible to imagine without a tuxedo wardrobe successful man. A man in a tuxedo is changing and the world changes around him. Today the company is GOLETS sixteen types of tuxedos and fifty kinds of ceremonial fabrics. They are ready and waiting for you.


XXI century opened to men the opportunity to influence events in the personal presence at any point of the planet. None of these men are not realized their dreams. One of them - the knowledge of the world. Atelier GOLETS is collection of amazing fabrics. The threads of these tissues are processed in a unique way and practically not subject uminaniyu, abrasion, dirt. Large range of colors and luxury, refined and varied texture of fabric male studio GOLETS allowed to create a unique line of clothes for travel with luxury and comfort.


Elena Golets never chased success. Just this woman talent designer happily side by side with the practical vein economist and imagination supported by enthusiastic workaholic. Elena has an economic education - in 1995 she graduated from the National University of Economics, Faculty of International Economics, majoring in marketing and advertising. Moreover, during training in Kiev she had to learn to work in Germany and in the United States, where her abilities were noted - in each of these countries, she received an offer to pursue a career. But Elena chose hometown, where he still lives today. 

Not looking at a degree in economics, Elena always attracted to creativity. Maybe this is not the last role played by heredity. Her mother sewed well, and my grandmother was fond of painting. Designer herself has repeatedly been told off by school teachers for the drawings in the margins of notebooks, depicting the beautiful ladies in elegant attire. 

For the embodiment of childhood dreams Elena took immediately after graduation, in 1995, founded the first company, which also gave rise to a brand Golets. One year later, she was offered a job in Italy, where she was noticed by one of the major players in the textile business Eduardo Mirolio. At the same time, he proposed to Elena to become an official sales representative in Ukraine concern Miroglio, which produces and sells luxury fabrics worldwide. 

Eight years of practice in the Apennine peninsula became an invaluable tool for creative and professional development designer. During this time, Helen had time to thoroughly examine all the nuances of the textile enterprise, as well as to establish close relations with manufacturers and suppliers of exclusive fabrics and materials. 
And already in 1999, Helen Loach successful debut with a collection of evening dresses, which she created specifically for the awards ceremony, "Man of the Year." Since Elena seasonally pleases fans of his work on the shows Ukrainian Fashion Week. Its unique recognizable style has gained popularity among the capital's trendsetters - representatives of business elite and show business stars. 

However, to evaluate European sophistication, embodied in the finest Italian fabrics, not only can the powers that be. In addition to the line Golets First Line, the designer produces a more democratic line Dolcedonna, which in 2003, she had a successful debut at the "Fashion Seasons" and lightning which gained popularity in the mass market. 
Do not forget Elena and gentlemen. In 2008 he founded the line Golets Atelier, which are not only men's business suits and coats but also coats and tuxedos, which in terms of price and quality are unique to Kiev. Several areas of the brand Golets involved in the creation of exclusive wedding dresses, as well as home wear and underwear. 

Despite the success, Elena remains extremely modest man. She did not see on the secular parties, the marketer of the education it is absolutely not concerned with self-PR, believing that subtle, original and high-quality clothing created it should speak for itself. More Elena - uncompromising patriot. Neither numerous invitations from abroad, or even an Italian husband are not able to get her to leave the country. Apparently there is no Pleasing recognition rather than recognition grateful countrymen.